Wolverton Shares

This is the beginning of the list of things people in Wolverton are willing to share.  If you want to list items here please contact us at:

Have you ever thought people own too much stuff? Have you ever bought something that you knew you were only going to use a couple of times?  We were thinking it would be great if we could share amongst the neighbours.  We probably all have things that we don’t mind sharing and that we hardly ever use.  So why not share and help save the planet?

If you list things you need to provide contact information and it is up to you to handle all loans and returns.  We are just providing a place to list items and contact information.  If you break something when borrowing it please replace it.  If you return things cleaner than you got them people will be happy to lend to you again.  Also – this sharing site is for Wolverton only – so if you live in Wolverton or on the surrounding farms we’d love to list your sharable items.  If you live farther away – why not start your own neighbourhood sharing club?

In the future I will be adding pictures of the items we can share – so if you have pictures please send them along – if not no worries.

Items shared by Mark Hammar and Becky Horman (contact: 519-588-0019)

-Paint Sprayer – note – this needs an air compressor to work properly.  We can’t lend out the air compressor we have because we are borrowing it from our son :).

-Chop Saw

-Hand Sander

-Plug in cooler

-card table and chairs

-Laminator (you can use our laminating sheets – I’ll let you know how much they cost me each and you can just reimburse me that amount)

-Food Vacuum Sealer (again – you can use our sealer bags if you want – but I’ll let you know how much it costs us per foot so you can just reimburse that amount)

-Extra large stapler

-Turkey deep fryer (please use your own propane)

More to come…. this is all I can think of right now!