May 23rd 2016 – 20th issue

This is the online edition of the Whimsy.  For the print edition please click here.

Tree Harvest

tree harvest

A tree harvest has been happening in the woodlot to the right of the hill leading to Drumbo. It appears to be a harvest of walnut trees. The sign on the lot advises that people need to stay out of the lot for their safety. This seems like a good idea because there are many trees leaning so much that they look like they could fall to the ground at any time.

Wolverton Garage Sale

We are having another hamlet garage sale on June 4th. This has been timed to be the same day as the Drumbo garage sale – so it is a perfect day for a drive in the country to come check out what we have to offer. Quite a few houses will be participating this year and it should be a really good sale.  Thanks Julie Stone for organizing it!

 Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

So everybody – sharks are dying. So you have to know to make documentaries when you grow up to help them. To make people feel more better about sharks and not eat them. Because people are hunting sharks for shark fin soup! You don’t want to give them any reason for them to give you shark fin soup. Pretend that you don’t like shark fin soup. And that’s the end of Sammy’s thoughts.

The Bazoo

These excerpts from The Bazoo come from the issue published on September 16th, 1931

Frank Robinson was in the village on business on Friday.

Some of the boys have been swiping Scotty’s watermelons. Have a heart!

The anniversary services at the church last Sunday, which were conducted by Rev. Mr. Leflair of Woodstock, were well attended.

Mrs. Ed Grey of Toronto spent a few days with Mrs. John Wright. So Fred and Bill washed the dishes. Bill doing his daily good deed?

The church supper Monday evening was a success insofar as good things to eat were concerned. There are some good cooks in the community. Contributions amounted to $38.

Bad weather threatened the Drumbo School Fair yesterday morning, but near noon the sun shone and cheered the kids up somewhat and a pleasant afternoon and a good time was enjoyed by old and young. The local school secured three or four prizes.

Joke of the day

My Dad has the heart of a lion.


And a lifetime ban from the zoo.

Pete the Peacock


Picture courtesy of Julie Marie Stone

Pete the peacock has been spotted in full plumage. Spotting Pete near his home above Wolverton is a fairly common occurrence in our lovely little hamlet, and hearing him is even more common. But spotting him in full plumage is something special.


It has been a great year for Morel harvesting in some spots in the village. We’ve found 30 (and counting) in our yard alone. So yummy fried in butter – or so my dad tells me. None for me thanks!


Do you have Morels in your yard and don’t know how to cook them? Here is what my dad does. First he soaks them in salty water so any bugs crawl out of the little spaces in the morel. Then he cuts them in half and fries them in a pan in either butter or bacon grease. Once they are browned on one side flip them over to the other side. That’s it! Super easy.

The best place to look for Morels is around the base of pine trees, but near the edge of the tree cover. They like to live just on the edge of a pine tree line. It also helps if you don’t mow your lawn too often…..

Make sure you aren’t fooled by false Morels.

(Warning – make sure you know the difference between real Morels and false Morels and other fungus. There is lots of information online.)


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