December 4, 2015

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Goodbye Loft – Hello New Brunswick!

After a year of living in the loft at Gail and John Ashby’s house, Ian and Catherine Saxby are now moving. I will miss Ian, he taught me a lot about art, and is really really nice. This is a painting he did of the Wolverton house – it took him about a year to complete because it is so detailed. I got to paint beside him this summer and do my own Wolverton house picture. It was really fun (and really hot).

Wolverton House

Here is an interview I did with Ian:

Cool Reporter: Where are you going to move to.

Ian: we are moving to New Brunswick to a small village in the middle of the province.

Cool Reporter: When are you going to move?

Ian: In the next couple of weeks, we are just waiting on getting a new truck to get all our stuff in.

Cool Reporter: Are you excited?

Ian: Oh Kinda

Cool Reporter: What kind of house are you going to live in?

Ian: It’s a small bungalow. There used to be an old lady who lived in there. She lived to be 92 so it’s quite an old house. The front part of the house is a general store. We’re going to open up the general store hopefully and sell bread and milk and stuff and I also will make it into an art gallery and sell my paintings to the tourists in the summer.

Cool Reporter: Why do you want to live there?

Ian: Well we wanted to find somewhere that was quiet, in the country, and we wanted to have our own house, and the other thing about New Brunswick is that houses are cheap there.

Cool Reporter: What’s it been like living with all your stuff packed up for a year?

Ian: It’s very inconvenient ’cause all our stuff is packed up where we can’t find it.

Cool Reporter: How are you getting there?

Ian: We haven’t decided, Catherine’s parents have offered to drive over ’cause they want to take a look at the place anyway.

Goodbye Ian and Catherine – safe travels.


Julie and Jackson Stone had some brick and landscaping work done on their front garden. It looks fabulous!

We have finally put a proper door on the old Carriage Works on the corner of Wolverton and Enos street. In the spring we will be putting windows on the sides of the doorway and over the top as well.


Happy 94th birthday to Stan Johnson Bev Johnson tells us he was born on Charlie Rounds farm and then moved up to the Johnson farm before he was a year old and lived there almost all his life, attending school and taking grain to the mills.

Andrea Aikens had a birthday on December 1st. Happy Birthday Andrea.

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

There is a candy that’s Christmassy – it’s called a candy cane. Santa Claus comes down the chimney and gives you presents. There was this girl named Mary and this man who had a dream the angel came and telled them “keep care of my son” and then he came and they were travelling across the world to a place and then he was like “please” and they were like “no” and then he carried her to a farmers place. He was like “here’s a stable, it’s not so clean but that’s all I’ve got”. Then they walked in and on a special night a baby came out. And his name was Jesus. And then a bunch wise men saw the star, and a bunch of other people saw the star, and they started following the star and they found this guy, and he was mean, he wanted to kill Jesus. And then he was like “go and find those people” and then they goed and they saw Jesus and a bunch of other people came and they celebrated Jesus and that’s the end. Now here’s a song: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh – hey. Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, all the fields we go, dashing all the way – ha ha ha Bells and box tails ring, making spirits bright, dashing all the way. Hear it next time on Sammy’s thoughts.

We need you

We need you

We’ve decided that we are only doing the Whimsy when we have stories. It’s not going to be every two weeks (as you may have noticed). If you want to see it more often, please please give us stories. No story is too big, no story is too small. It’s all up to you!

Joke of the day

What’s the best way to help a starving Zombie?

Give him a hand…

Where’s the safest place in your house to hide from Zombies?

The living room of course!

What do you call Godzilla in a

phone booth?


What do you call a Zombie door-to-door salesman?

A dead ringer

What did the father skeleton say to his son that stayed in bed all day?

Lazy bones.

What happened when the human fly escaped from prison?

They brought in a swat team.


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