November 2nd, 2015

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Happy Halloween

Halloween night was great, it drizzled a bit but everyone had lots of fun. I had a Cleopatra costume, my friend Ethan was a Zombie hunter. We went all over town and the decorations were so scary. Skye’s decorations were the scariest. He had a body hanging from a rope and a skeleton riding a sled through the air. There were also lots of really fun Halloween decorations. The costumes we saw were great too. There were cooks and lobsters, little red riding hood, Anna from Frozen, Wednesday from the Adams Family, and so many more. There was even a dog wearing a princess costume!! It got super rainy after Halloween was done – really happy it waited!  Enjoy this Wolverton Halloween slideshow!

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Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

Monsters are really scary. One monster likes eating brains, one monster likes turning people into vampires, one monster is all covered in blood. The one that is all covered in blood is called a blood monster. The one that likes sucking people’s blood is called a vampire. The one that likes eating brains is called a Zombie. Since monsters are really scary they look different from people. Zombies are all green and they’re really yucky. Vampires look kinda like a devil, except they have sharp teeth and they don’t have horns like a devil. So vampires have capes. Blood monsters are different looking, they are made out of blood. Some witches are green, some witches have the same skin colour as people. And that is the end of Sammy’s thoughts. See you next time! Hoooooooooooowl.

The Bazoo

Excerpt from the Bazoo – May 20, 1931

Bill Martin was at the Johnson home again Sunday.

The Dyes, with Geo. Channing, were here from Toronto Sunday.

Franklin Dorrach and wife and daughter Frances were at Wolverton Hall Sunday.

Miss Nellie Bailey spent the weekend at Etonia. Herbert Telfer saw her safely there.

Mrs. Meridith, with her friend Mrs. Smiley, was here Tuesday to see what progress was made about her place. All that met her was disappointment.

Mrs. Bisson, Toronto, gave Mrs. Dobson several lessons in driving the past week. Outside of running off an embankment nothing serious occurred. Jake Smith accompanied them on a trip to Galt.

John Wright puts in most of his time being absent from the village.

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease is carried by beetles, but it is not cause by beetles, it is caused by a fungus which the beatles carry to the next dutch Elm, because they eat dutch Elms. When there is an infestation they have to cut down the tree which stops the beetles life cycle. So by killing one tree they are saving other trees – this seems sorta complicated to me. We recently had some Elm trees cut down in Wolverton because they were infested. I don’t like seeing trees cut down, but these ones would have died anyway in 1 to 3 years.

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Jackson Stone had a birthday on October 21. Happy Birthday Jackson!

Mark Hammar (my dad!) had a birthday on November 1. Happy birthday Dad!

Joke of the day

Jack: Say, Jill, how did you get a swollen nose?

Jill: I bent down to smell a brose in my garden.

Jack: Not brose, rose Jill. There’s no b in rose.

Jill: There was in this one!


What do you get when you cross a chicken and a millipeed?

Drum sticks for everyone!


What do you get when you cross a parrot with a woodpecker?

A bird that talks in morse code


What do you get when you cross a flee with a rabbit?

A bugs bunny


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