October 16th, 2015

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Summer in the Woods

This entire summer Lucas Dunn camped rough in the wilderness as part of Coldwater Canada and Coldwater USA. “Coldwater Canada is a faith-rooted leadership development organization that designs and facilitates adventure-based and service-driven experiences intended to build faith, develop leaders, and engage communities. “.

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Here is an interview that I had with Lucas about his summer:

Cool Reporter: What did you do?

Lucas: I went on canoe trips and helped out a camp or two.

Cool Reporter: How was the first day?

Lucas: Interesting, I had just flown for the first time and I was now in Minnesota so that was very interesting.

Cool Reporter: Were there any rain storms while you were out?

Lucas: Yeah – there were a few (chuckles)

Cool Reporter: How did you cook your food?

Lucas: We cooked our food over a fire in a Billy Can – which is basically just an empty coffee can with a string to hang it from something.

Cool Reporter: So where did you sleep?

Lucas: We just slept out in the wild at a campsite. We didn’t have tents so we just slept under a tarp with a bug net.

Cool Reporter: What kind of things did you eat?

Lucas: a lot of the food that we ate while out on trips was dehydrated so it was normally a potato/vegetable/meatish thing.

Cool Reporter: Did you eat on a plate?

Lucas: When we were out on a trip we ate in a bowl because it would be too much weight on a trip to carry plates and knives and stuff.

Cool Reporter: What did you drink?

Lucas: Normally to drink there was water, and more water, and then rain water, there was a lot of water. Sometimes in the mornings we would have hot chocolate, hot jello or tang if we had it.

Cool Reporter: Did you see any wild animals?

Lucas: I saw a lot of wild animals, there was a fox, and a moose and a couple of bears, and something that I think was a weasel.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us Lucas – it sounds great!

For more information on Coldwater Canada visit their website.


Hannah Dunn is working at Snyder’s family farm as a witch so go check out the show there before the end of October and say hi to Hannah!

Joke of the day

What did the magnet say to the pin?

I’m attracted to you!

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

Does everybody know that bikes are actually practice motorcycles? But real motorcycles are awesomer, they just have two wheels, not 4 wheels like a car. But motorcycles are way dangerous, you could fall off a motorcycle! Motorcycles are a thing that everybody has them, even farmers have them! Farmers don’t just have trucks and tractors, they can have motorcycles too. But motorcycles are a lot more money, because they are way dangerous, so they should be more money. But they actually cost just $1! That’s all for Sammy’s thoughts.

The Bazoo

Excerpt from the Bazoo – April 1, 1931

We regret the Miller children are leaving the school.

Clifford and Dick are fond of peppermints; also of writing a series of lines.

The Thaler twins – Harvey and Henry – say they like the teacher and enjoy school days.

There is strife between the “Secret Club” (Gene and Jim) and interested spectators. The latter regret the loss of the snow.

The Entrance Girls are turning their thoughts towards examinations. They verified this by making marks from 90-93 in the Hygiene Final.

Ivan Johnson was 15 years old on the 27th.

Marvelube motor oil in one-gallon tins – light, medium, heavy and special heavy – 98c cash.

With every $1.00 purchase you may have your choice of a pacet of flower or garden see FREE at Dawson’s.

It is rumoured the teacher was indisposed Saturday after the euchre party, but recovered fully sometime in the afternoon.


Gail Stahlbaum had a birthday on October 3rd! Happy Birthday Gail.


Hannah Dunn turned sweet 16 on October 3rd. Happy Birthday Hannah!


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