September 18th, 2015

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Fabulous Jack-o-lanterns


Ian VanWeerdhuizen, a grade 9 student who lives at the farm past Charlie’s and right after the train tracks, has some great jack-o-lanterns that he is selling. He has big pumpkins, little pumpkins, long pumpkins, round pumpkins, smooth pumpkins and bumpy pumpkins. You name it you can find it at his place. His pumpkins are awesome. I’m excited to get his pumpkins for Hallowe’en. He is selling pumpkins, now that Charlie isn’t able to, and he’s using the money for his grade 10 class trip to Vimy Ridge in France for the 100th anniversary of the battle. The pumpkins will be at the end of the lane of their farm starting on the weekend of the 19th/20th of September.

Here is my interview with Ian:

Intrepid Reporter: When did you start harvesting the pumpkins?

Ian: This is the first bunch we’ve taken off and we just got them last night.

Intrepid Reporter: what kind of pumpkins are they?

Ian: They are Connecticut field pumpkins. They are jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

Intrepid Reporter: How many pumpkins can you get off a plant?

Ian: Around three

Intrepid Reporter’s mom: are the pumpkins different prices?

Ian: There is small and large – so $5 for a large and $3 for a small one.

So keep your eye out at the end of their driveway – they will have a wagon set-up with pumpkins in it for sale.

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

Pumpkins are so orange. Some are white, some are green, some are bright orange, some are dark orange. So how you make a jack-o-lantern is you use a knife and cut out some eyes, some mouth, and nose and then you cut out the top of it and take out the things and then you put the top back on. And that’s how you make a jack-o-lantern. You can make triangles, circles and other things. The mouth can be shaped like a smiley face or a scary pumpkin face, many kinds, or a moustache! And then you can put a candle in it so everybody will be a little bit scared. And that’s all. Hear next time of Sammy’s thoughts.

Joke of the day

So a chicken went to the library and said: “book, book, book”

The librarian gave him three books.

The next day the chicken came back again and said “book, book, book”

And the librarian again gave him three books.

The very next day, the chicken came again and said: “book, book, book”.

And the librarian gave him three books.

But this time she followed him. The chicken walked passed a pond and said to a frog: “book, book, book”. And the frog said: “reddit, reddit, reddit”



Sam turned 11 on September 9th. Happy birthday Sam!

Julie Stone had a birthday on September 10th. Happy birthday Julie!

Autumn Breeze

This intrepid reporter is excited that fall has come again. For kids that means raking up leaves and jumping into them. Putting on your running shoes and zipping up a jacket. Running out into the autumn breeze as it blows. So lets enjoy this beautiful season.


Some citizens of Wolverton discovered that washing eggs off buildings is not easy.

Local Historian

Ann Hoard came to visit us and brought some of her information on Wolverton. Ann is a local historian and has been working on gathering history on the town of Wolverton for years and years. She is planning on writing a book that will be centred around telling the stories of each of the houses in Wolverton. This will include things like when the house was built, who lived in it, and any fun stories about the house or the families that lived there. She showed us a neat picture of what our house looked like when it was the Balkwill house.


Below is the map of Wolverton that she is using as a basis for her research:


So if you are researching your own house chances are Ann has done some of the work for you already. She’s happy to have you call her (519-463-5408). She also would love to see the information you have on your house. A lot of times people pass down local history from owner to owner and she would love to see if you have anything she is missing.


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