August 21st, 2015

For the print edition of this weeks Whimsy please click here: Wolverton Whimsy – 14th issue – August 21st

Brand New Wolverines

Mike and Jenn

That’s right – there are new people in town and I met them. They are working on their house, and are very nice. They live in Cambridge for now but they will be moving into the Stewart’s old house soon. Their names are Jennifer Bowman and Micheal McLay. They are working on the stones in the basement because they are broken and also painting inside the house.


Sad news – we have been notified of the death of Bruce Jones, a long time resident of Wolverton. His wife Eleanor is still alive and lives in Oakville.

Bazoo Update

Do you remember last issue when we talked about the Bazoo? Well Charlie Rounds gave us an update on two of the things we included:

Until further notice Bill Martin will call on Jean Johnson every Sunday.

Bill Martin actually married Jean Johnson and they had a son named Hubert. After this Bill went to WWII and met a nurse, fell in love with her, and broke up his marriage with Jean. Bill and the nurse got married and moved out west.

Harold Rounds spent Sunday at Gibson’s AS USUAL.

This story had a happier ending. Harold and the Gibson’s daughter got married that November and had three children – Charlie was one of them.



Violet turned 6 on August 21st! Happy Birthday Violet!

Becky Horman and Mark Hammar had an anniversary on August 20th (that’s my mommy and daddy). Happy 21st anniversary!

Wolverton Shares

We have decided to make a Wolverton Shares club so we don’t buy as much stuff. So if you have something you don’t really use often – why don’t you share it? Because sharing is caring. The way this will work is we will have a page on the Whimsy Blog that will list who has stuff available and how to contact them. We’ve already added some things – like a paint sprayer, some saws, and other things. I’m also going to have a Wolverton Kids shares – this is for you kids. Check out the Wolverton Shares link at the top of this page. This sharing club is for residents of Wolverton only – if you wish you had one in your neighbourhood – why not set one up?!

Research Your Property

Thank you Gail Ashby for giving me this fabulous idea for us all to research our houses. Here’s how it works. We would like you to do some research on your house. Maybe use some information you got from previous owners when you moved into your house, maybe your family has lived here your entire life, no matter what it is that you want us to learn about your house we are interested. You can give us up to two pictures (any extra pictures we are happy to put up on the blog). We are including a hand-out with this issue and you can either use it to get ideas, or fill it out and give it to us, or send us an e-mail. If you want to find out more about your property you can go to the Oxford Land Registry Office: 480 Peel St in Woodstock. They are open from 8:30 to 5 Monday to Friday. They said it takes between 30 minutes to a couple of hours to research your property. You have to do the research yourself (using the computer and microfilm!), but there are staff there to guide you. They have all the information on land transfers, but to get information on buildings the best bet is to contact the Drumbo and District Heritage Society or the Oxford Heritage Society. We have started to research our property and we’ll post what we find out about the process on our blog – so you can learn from our mistakes!

Cook-off Winner


There was a cook-off at the Weber’s last weekend to see who had the best barbecue skills. The winner was AJ Shearer. All the food was really good – my favorite was the perogies.

Joke of the day

The joke of the day comes this week from my friend Eli:

What did the Zombie say to the other Zombie?

Get a life!

Beautiful joke Eli!

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

This is about dessert foxes. Dessert foxes are yellow. They eat meat and when they were born (holds hands about half a foot apart) they were this small. How big they are when they are grown up is this big (holds hands about a foot apart) . When they are little they drink milk if their owners feed it – but the foxes just get milk from their mommy’s own body. They play when they’re little, but when they are big they go hunting for food for their babies. I like foxes because they’re the bestest animal in the world – they are part of the animal kingdom. And that’s all – come next time about Sammy’s thoughts. Goodbye kids!

Wolverton School

Ann Hoard sent us this picture of the last class at the Wolverton school. There are lots of people in and around Wolverton who attended this school – we’d love to hear your stories. If you have any stories from when you attended this school – please share them with us and we’ll print them in future issues for everyone to read.

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One thought on “August 21st, 2015

  1. Congratulations on starting “Wolverton Shares”! Such a great idea for the community. I also love the idea of encouraging people to research the history of their home. I look forward to reading more!


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