August 7, 2015

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Wolverton Traffic Jam

There were lots of people at the Weber’s house on Wednesday, July 29th. There were cars parked on both sides of the road! There were TV people there doing historical reenactments at Wolverton Hall. The Webers weren’t allowed to be in their house until it was done. It was done by midnight. It was hard to drive between the cars – the space was very thin which made a traffic jam. For any more information on the show being filmed – you’ll have to talk to Rose and Dave….

Historical Reenactment

The Bazoo

Excerpt from The Bazoo – April 22, 1931

Heard on the Party Line

Until further notice Bill Martin will call on Jean Johnson every Sunday.

Joel and family, Amy and Billie and Helen Rounds motored to Galt on Sunday.

Steve has lost his dinky cap and offers a reward for its return. He is the only mourner.

Tommy tried to burn up the community Saturday but only succeeded in clearing off his pasture.

When his girl said the candy in a store window made her mouth water, Leslie handed her a blotter.

Charley Boone is again at Fat Hoggarth’s.

Scotty is slicking things up at Wolverton Hall.

Harold Rounds spent Sunday at Gibson’s AS USUAL.

Goodbye Stewarts

The Stewarts will be moving out of Wolverton on August 14th. So if you want to say goodbye do it now. I will miss Lily Stewart. I hope that they will visit sometime. Bye Lily, Anna and Craig!

Stewarts home

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

Radio cameras take pictures only of people singing. And when the person sings he sings something. And radio cameras show the pictures of people singing and the video of people singing. When the person sings phones go radioactive. Sometimes. And that’s not cool. So I will tell you a story of a radio camera: The clue is radio comes today and no radio comes tomorrow. Once upon a time the radio camera ruled the world. All the radio cameras were friends. And when that happened there was a big asteroid coming down. A fast throbbing thing. But all the radio cameras survived because they never break. So it was a sad feeling of the dinosaurs. So the radio cameras got a feeling of something. It was a big T-Rex. So they ran all across the world to the human land. So when all the radio cameras where there the humans ran away and so the humans were at the dinosaur land. And then a T-Rex ate all the humans. And that’s the end. Goodbye – see me next time at Sammy’s thoughts.

Dwarf Bunnies

Amber got two dwarf bunnies.

Amber and bunnies

They are very very cute. And very very soft. They are both white. The bunnies have two beds. When I saw them Amber told me that they had just cleaned out the bunnies beds but there was still poop in there – because that is what bunnies do. I get to watch them when she is away.

Joke of the day

What do you get when you cross a rooster and a cat?


We NEED Stories

The Wolverton Whimsy needs new stories. We are running out of story ideas we need you – please help.


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