July 10, 2015

For the print Edition of the Whimsy please follow this link: Whimsy – 12th Issue – July 9th, 2015

Back to Summer Plans


As we all know, school is out and all the kids have big plans. Here they are:

Mattie: Being a leader in training at the park in Cambridge.

Cole: to have fun.

Amber: Take care of two dwarf bunnies one for my cousin and one for me. And also going swimming and going to my trailer and the beach.

Josie: hang out with friends and bike around.

Eli: I want to play soccer

Sam: Practice soccer and go on vacation.

Flynn: Learn how to bike and practice soccer.

Violet: Going to my cousins house

Lilly: Friends

Brandon: Riding my dirt bike and hanging out with friends.

Ethan: Lots of stuff like going places and hanging out here at home.

Sammy: Selling peas

Lily: Playing at the beach

Eillish: Camping

Annie: My name is Annie Rosemary Dale and my plans for the summer are eating food and watching movies.

And my name is Rachel and my plan for summer is hanging out with friends, having fun and caring for a goose named Conky.

There’s a Giant Smoker in Town

Dave, Roseanne and Eillish Weber just travelled 5000 miles (wow) through a terrible storm in Georgia USA to pick up a BBQ Pit Smoker. David would like to introduce his new company which is called The Wolverine BBQ Pit Smokers.


It is a commercial smoker and is available for functions, occasions, nothing is too big, nothing is too small. And there is nothing he cannot cook such as pigs, chickens, ribs, briskets you name it. He’s available for functions anytime. He can either take his smoker to the location or make the food and take that to the function. Distance doesn’t matter. So if anybody is looking for someone to make the food for their party they can call David at 226-220-5330 and he’ll gladly give a quote.

Taking a Break

The Wolverton Whimsy is taking a break until August 7th. Summer is a busy time at our house with lots of kids around all the time.

Conky is Back and Happy as Ever

Before I start talking about Conky lets have a quick flashback to a previous whimsy. Conky was found when very young by the Aiken’s. They took care of him but he disappeared. Now he’s back and much bigger than before.


But he still loves people. Conky is at our house right now. Poor thing tries to have naps but the kids all pet him. Conky tries to fly – he opens up his wings, lifts up his chest and flaps them. He’s also a stalker. You’ll see him in one spot, eating away at the grass, so you go to do something and you turn around, and there he is – right behind you – stalker goose.

Jokes of the day

What did the magnet say to the paper clip?

I’m attracted to you.

What’s the hardest thing when you fall out of bed on the first day of school?

The floor.

Why was the broom late for school?

Cause he swept in.

Why did the girl put glue on her head.

Because she wanted things to stick to it.

Why did the clock get sent to the principals office?

Because he wouldn’t stop tock-ing

Wolverton Wooly

Wolverton Wooly cropped

This is the only picture for the Wolverton Wooly that we have. It was submitted by John Ashby and I LOVE it. Unless we get more submissions this is the winner. So please send in your pictures so you have a chance to win. The winning Wooly will have the honour to be the special picture beside the words Wolverton Whimsy.

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 6 year old)

How you do a taco fight is you put your clothes off and you literally get a whole container of tacos with meat in them and sour cream in them and then you throw the tacos at each other. And then you see who gets the messiest. That’s all about Sammy’s thoughts. Hear again of Sammy’s thoughts next time.


Vern Herrin had a birthday on July 8th. Happy Birthday Vern!


My little brother Sammy had his birthday. He is now six. Happy Birthday Sammy! Whoo hoo


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