June 5, 2015

For the print edition of the 10th Issue of the Wolverton Whimsy click here:Wolverton Whimsy – June 5th

The Baby Goose

Konky is a gosling. Konky was found when Sam and Flynn Aikens were playing in their backyard. Konky came out of nowhere and started following them. The Aikens took him in. They kept him in a large pet carrier which they had outside during the day and inside at night. They fed him chick starter and water. When they first gave him water to drink, Konky jumped right into the water. He liked Steve the best.


If Steve was on one side of the yard and Sam and Flynn on the other, Konky would go to Steve, even if he was closer to Sam and Flynn. He also really likes kids. When I visited him he was about the size of a kid’s shoe. Sam and Flynn took him around their house, but when we got to the driveway I picked him up so it wouldn’t hurt his little feet. Violet (their next door neighbour) said when she was there lying down Konky sat on her face. Konky went missing. I feel very sorry for the Aikens.


Julie Stone is waiting for her baby to come. The baby is a boy, his name will be Edison. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

My family and I are working on Restoring the old Wolverton Carriage Works. Come by and take a look if you are interested. We are also looking for old pictures of the inside and outside of the building so that we can try to keep as many details as possible. Please call my mom (Becky) if you have any we can borrow: 519-588-0019

10th Issue Celebration

It’s the tenth issue of the Whimsy! We have had twenty weeks of looking for stories about Wolverton – and trust me it’s not easy. To celebrate come by our house during the Wolverton garage sale. If you come by the table and shake my hand, you will get one cookie – FREE! If you come by my table, shake my hand and give me a story idea you will get two FREE cookies. If you shake my hand, give me a story idea, and let me take a picture of your family for Family of the week – THREE cookies.


We will also have extra editions of the Whimsy for people who want them. If I’m not at the table it’s because I’m walking around Wolverton – don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.

Joke of the day

Why did the turtle cross the road?

To get to the other tide.

Garage Sale

Saturday, June 6th, from 8 to 12 Wolverton is having a garage sale.

Tick Update

Violet’s tick tested positive for Lyme disease. She is now on a 2 week course of antibiotics. The people at the clinic in Paris said they’ve seen a lot of black-legged ticks this year – even though this area doesn’t normally have many. So keep watching for ticks and if you find one take it to be tested!

One Kitten Needs a Home

Did you know that black cats are actually the friendliest cats?


The Webers still have one kitten left for adoption. They are looking for a home for it. I really, really want to give the kitten a home but my mom says I can’t. If you are interested call Rose: (226)220-5330

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

I go to Beavers. At Beavers we do awesome games, and we draw pictures sometimes. And then we do stuff when we are close to a day coming – like Easter, or Hallowe’en, or Patrick day. I go to Beaver camp and this time I’m going to go in a tent, like Rachel at cubs. And the first one I went in a cottage, but now I’m going in a tent. At the cottage the girls sleep up and the boys sleep down. And at beavers we do like treasure hunts on pirates and princesses, and then we did beaver races. And I winned the three people racing. It was awesome – I winned every time we raced. Hear next time about Sammy’s thoughts.

Contest – Wolverton Wooly

Do you remember Wolverton Wooly? Well – I’m having a picture draw. Draw a picture, and send it to us. Either bring it by the house, or e-mail it, and I will draw one of them and put them in a future issue.

The Bazoo

From the April 22, 1931 Issue of The Bazoo:


Sliced Pineapple, 15c

Auto or Veranda Cushions, 35 c, 3 for $1.00

Fine Line Scarfe’s Paints and Varnishes

Blue Denim Overalls, $1.25 pair

Fancy Mixed Cakes, 20c lb.

Kraft Cheese, 30c lb.

Store Will Be Closed Wednesday Afternoon May to October

The Wolverton General Store


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