May 22, 2015

For the print edition of the 9th Issue of the Wolverton Whimsy click here: Wolverton Whimsy – May 22nd

Tick Bite

Violet got a tick bite.

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We are not sure if the tick came from here or from when she was at Simcoe on the weekend. I got an interview with her so here it is:

Awesome Reporter: Violet, did it hurt to have the tick?

Violet: yeah

Awesome Reporter: When did you notice?

Violet: ah, I was just looking in the mirror and I saw a red thing.

Awesome Reporter: What was your reaction?

Violet: I don’t know

Awesome Reporter: What was your mom’s reaction?

Violet: I just felt it and I looked in the mirror and yeah.

Awesome Reporter: Did you have to go to the hospital for this?

Violet: yes

Lyme disease is very dangerous and you can catch it from black legged ticks. You should check your hair and body every day to check for bumps, and if there is a bump get it looked at quick. To find out more take a look a this website: Government of Canada Lyme Disease Info

Get well soon Violet!

Joke of the day

Three guys are robbing a bank. Two guys are very smart, the other guy is not so smart. The cops come and one of the smart guys thinks quickly and jumps into a bag. The second guy thinks quickly and jumps into a box. The not so smart guy thinks quickly and jumps into a pile of potatoes. The cops come and kick the bag, the guy inside thinks quickly and says “meow, meow”. The cops kick the box, the guy inside thinks quickly and says “woof woof”. So they walk right past and kick the pile of potatoes. So the guy inside thinks quickly and says “potato, potato, potato”.


Thank you Kiley for giving me this joke!


Anna Stewart had a birthday on May 13th.

Ron Vanderwiel also had a birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Meet a Family

Meet the Livingstones.


They’ve lived in Wolverton for almost 50 years. So they know the area very well. They like the people, they like animals, they take in animals like kittens that have been left to die and they try to keep care of them, so they give them a life. Sometimes they live and sometimes they die, when they live they are very happy. The animals are very friendly because they spend a lot of time with them. And they like dogs and wild animals. They also have people who come for kitten therapy and puppy therapy and they come back they’ve made many friends that way. Their kids are mostly grown up. They also like when Wolverton has yard sales so people can become friends and meet each other. Myra is hoping to start up a nail business, going to people’s houses and possibly starting a salon.


Cole has a scrap metal business. He’s looking for the old stuff that you don’t need anymore. He needs it for money.

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Here is an interview with Cole:

Awesome Reporter: How do you make money out of the scrap?

Cole: When you take it to the scrap yard they give you money because when they take it they recycle it and make new stuff out of it.

Awesome Reporter: What kind of stuff are you looking for?

Cole: Metal, steel, copper, aluminum, cast, anything metal really. Barbecues… Fridges….

Awesome Reporter: How much do you think it’s probably worth?

Cole: This much right here? I don’t know – it depends on how much scrap is that. It ranges from different prices.

Awesome Reporter: What’s the coolest piece of scrap you’ve ever found?

Cole: Um. I really don’t know. All scrap is cool to me I guess.

Awesome Reporter: What’s the grossest piece of scrap you’ve ever found?

Cole: That stove right there because it was filled with this foam crap with mouse poo in it.

Awesome Reporter: That’s probably why they got rid of it!

Cole: No – it’s probably because it’s broken.

Awesome Reporter: Thanks!

Cole: You’re welcome.

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

Animals all around the world eat differently. Foxes eat by using their mouths and if they can’t use their sharp teeth to bite bite and cut the meat then he would have to push with his paws. How buffaloes eat is they charge animals and the animals get caught by their horns and they die and then they just eat and they push with their buffalo hooves. How lions eat is they scratch the animal and then they use their sharp teeth to cut the meat and cut the animal. Sheep use their not sharp teeth to cut the leaves, well – their teeth are actually pretty sharp to crunch crunch crunch the leaves. How rabbits eat is they use their sharp claws to rip off the grass and just eat it and they use their really really really sharp teeth to crunch it up. How people eat is they use their teeth to crunch it up and then all the meat they crunch up with their teeth too. And that’s all for Sammy’s thoughts.


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