May 8, 2015

For a copy of the print edition of this issue click here: Wolverton Whimsy – May 8th, 2015

American Bulldog Puppies for Adoption

Myra Livingston has puppies up for adoption. There are three, two girls and one boy. One of the girls is spotted and the other two are pure white. They are purebred American Bulldog puppies.


Here is an interview with her:

Awesome Reporter: How do you care for puppies?

Myra: For the first three weeks or so the mommy does everything. Then after that you have to start giving them little bits of really soft food – maybe once a day for a week or so. And make sure that they’re safe. And you have to make sure that they have somewhere that they can play.

Awesome Reporter: What kind of things do puppies eat?

Myra: They have special puppy food that you just have to soften up. When they grow older you just give them a bit of puppy chow. Make sure that it’s stuff they like but that is good for them because it is not all good ones out there.

Awesome Reporter: How much do you play with a puppy?

Myra: As much as you possibly can.

Awesome Reporter: How old are the puppies?

Myra: Five weeks

Awesome Reporter: When will they be ready for adoption?

Myra: Probably in about two or three weeks or so.

Awesome Reporter: What kind of home are you looking for, for the puppies?

Myra: Someone who likes the type of dog that this is. They really like people, they really like children, They are safe around children, they are really lovable. So anyone who wants a good pet, this is a really good pet.

Thanks Myra for letting me visit your puppies. I would really like a dog but I can’t have one because my mom is allergic. If you want one of these puppies contact Myra at 519-463-5858 they are free to a good home.


There has been some interest in a Wolverton garage sale the weekend before large article pick-up (May 16th). If anybody is interested in putting up signs to make this happen contact Julie Stone at 519-330-1880

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

How tractors work is they have these little tubes that go around the wheels so the wheels are a circle and the engine is little tubes with smoke going out of them so it’s all foggy when the smoke comes out and when you take an ant and put it in the engine the tractor will get damaged. And the tube goes where the smoke comes out, it comes out of a big heater and that’s the end for Sammy’s thoughts.

Joke of the day

What do you get when you cross a rooster and a cow?


Quarantine Lifted

Last Wednesday Charlie called us and let us know that the Quarantine on poultry farms has been lifted in our area – so if you need eggs visit the egg house just past the Wolverton Cemetery.


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Old River Way

Did you know that the river used to go a different way through Wolverton? It used to be right in front of Wolverton hall. We found out about this when looking at the history of Wolverton. In a short history of Wolverton, found at the DDHS museum, it says: “Enos Wolverton came to the settlement of Warsaw in 1848, built his house in 1853, and gave his name to the Village. The river was still called Smith’s Creek at the time … the house was a big house and it must have dominated the village, and it was on a lovely site looking over the river, it should not be forgotten that the river until the dam and race were built, came in a big curve in front of Chesney’s house and along the north side of Wolverton Hall and the Baptist Church”.

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They needed to change the river because they had a mill-race for the mill and the river wasn’t going fast enough – so they got rid of one of the bends. In this picture is the river now. Can you find where the river used to go?  The second slide shows you in red.

Meet a Family

Ed and Amber

Ed and Amber Stahlbaum are the family for this issue. Ed has lived in Wolverton since he was a little kid. He’s moved away and back a few times but this has always been home. They live here with a cat and a pig. Ed enjoys gardening and having fires with music.


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