April 24, 2015

For the print edition of the 7th issue of the Whimsy click here: Wolverton Whimsy – April 24th.

    Egg Man’s Farm Under Quarantine

Charlie and Bonnie Rounds’ farm is under quarantine. There is an outbreak of the Avian Flu in Oxford county area and a farm was found with its birds sick. All the birds on that farm were culled. Every poultry farm that is less than 10 km from that farm was put under quarantine. Charlie’s was one of those farms.

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I had an interview with Bonnie Rounds – here it is:

Awesome Reporter: How did you find out you should be under quarantine?

Bonnie Rounds: The Egg Marketing Board gave us a call.

Awesome Reporter: What is it like being under quarantine?

Bonnie Rounds: A little stressful.

Awesome Reporter: what are you doing with all your eggs?

Bonnie Rounds: We are just storing them, we are putting them in a cooler.

Awesome Reporter: How long is the quarantine going to last?

Bonnie Rounds: Until there’s no more outbreaks of the avian flu in this area. In two weeks, if we have no dead chickens, or sick ones, we can apply to the egg board to sell eggs off of the farm. So hopefully in two weeks we should be back in business again. If you like, when we are cleared away, I’ll give you a shout and let you know it’s all clear at the egg house.

Awesome Reporter: Do you have to stay at the farm or can you go visiting?

Bonnie Rounds: Oh no, we can go off the farm. The shoes and the clothes I wear at the barn I don’t wear off the farm. Our car we don’t go near the barn at all. But yeah, we’re not quarantined thank goodness. Just for safety sake, we have a sign down by the egg house so that people don’t go past that.

We’ll let you know in the Whimsy when the egg farm is able to sell eggs again. I hope this outbreak is over soon!


Cole Shearer is looking for scrap metal. If you have any let him know.

Meet a Family

Sorry we don’t have meet a family this issue. Would you like to be on meet a family? Let us know.

3 Kitten’s Born at the Weber’s


The kitten’s at the Weber’s house were born on the 11th of April. The kittens were born on Eillish’s bed – Eillish was not there sadly. Rose heard some squeaks and she went in to look and there was Merida with the kittens. There were four but one didn’t survive. So now there are three. They are very healthy. There are two stripped ones and one totally black one. They are adorable!

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

This is about learning the alphabet. How you learn the alphabet is you have to learn all the alphabet letters. I learned a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z. There’s A first, there’s an M… you use them for making names. You can make knit, or Sam, you can even spell play dough. You can read. You can use them for anything! You can make a story. And that’s all for Sammy’s thoughts.

The Bazoo

April 1, 1931

The Poet’s Corner


Even though your heart be sad,

Try to smile, pretend you’re glad,

Lessons won’t seem half as bad,

If you smile.

When you’re feeling very blue,

And no one seems to care for you,

Here’s the best thing you can do,

try a smile.

Life is what we make of it,

Sorrows, joys, of each a bit,

You can make the best of it,

With a smile.


Katie Rees just got a job as a PSW at Telfer Place in Paris. Congratulations! I hope your job works out.


April 12 Parker turned 4.


April 13, Tristan turned 6.


April 20th Flynn turned 8.

Happy Birthday! I hope you all had a great birthday!

Joke of the day

Thank you Ethan for last issue’s joke, sorry I didn’t mention that it was your joke. Now for this week’s joke:

Two people walk into a bar The third guy ducks.   Check out some local businesses at our local business page.


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