March 27, 2015

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Part and Parcel logo

Did you know we have an actor in our town? I talked with Corina Dunn about her new theatre group “Part and Parcel Theatre Productions” and here is the interview:

Intrepid Reporter: So tell me about your theatre production.

Corina: My friend Laurie came to me last summer around June and said “hey do you want to start a new theatre group with me?” and I said “sure”. So we were working towards that, there were a lot of things that we had to put into place. We had to get our business license, we had to find a place to rent for rehearsals and performances and there’s been a lot that we’ve had to do and we’ve both had a lot of experience in theatre but not a lot of experience in business so we’re learning as we go. But we are now ready to start working on our first production so we are pretty excited.

Intrepid Reporter: What is your first production?

Corina: It’s called into the woods, its been out in the movie theatres, so you might be familiar with it, we are doing a stage production and it should be fun. It’s going to be a youth production so the kids that are going to be in the production are going to be between 14 and 20.

Intrepid Reporter: Could you tell us what Into the Woods is about?

Corina: It’s about fairy tale characters that you will recognize like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk but it’s about what happens when their stories don’t turn out right. I think it will be a lot of fun.

Intrepid Reporter: Where do you do your plays?

Corina: This one is going to be done at the Cambridge Art Centre. We are going to be rehearsing in Ayr at Ayr Calvary church and hopefully one day we’ll have our own space for rehearsals, performances, and that kind of stuff. But that will be a long way off. For right now we are just renting.

Intrepid Reporter: How do people get to be in your plays? Do they do an audition? Or do they just pay and get to be in your play?

Corina: A little bit of both. They have to audition to be in the play. Because the play costs a lot of money to put on we have to charge kids, but we are hoping to do a lot of fundraising and that we will be able to give the money back to the kids once we’ve made enough. Our very fond hope is that we will not, in the end, have to charge kids but probably we’ll have to get them to pay some money to be in the play.

Thanks Corina!

If you want more information about this production and how to audition visit their facebook page.

Auditions are happening March 31st and April 2nd.

Signs of Spring Contest

The first person to report a true sign of spring was Bonnie Rounds. On March 12th she saw a Robin in front of the Stones’ house. Later on Peter Tregunna sent in this picture of a robin – I wonder if it was the same one, don’t you?


Lucky Stones – spring is starting at their house. The very next day, Julie Stone saw a fiddle head coming up.  Here are some other signs of spring around Wolverton:

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Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

I was reading the Pirate Pat. And how you make the words is with a black pen. I knew how to read the Pirate Pat. And they also make pictures with markers or anything else that you can find that you can draw – like a stick man! Stick mans live in China. You can read China on the book. You can draw a tractor or a race car, I can just draw people and farms. Books are the wonderful thing you read in your life.


Please let us know if there are little bits of news you want us to share.

My mom and I will be going around town in April knocking on everybody’s door, introducing ourselves, and canvassing for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Joke of the day

What’s the difference between a train and a teacher?

A teacher says “spit out that gum”

A train says “chew chew”

Cool History

This is Sammy from Sammy's Thoughts.  He is sitting on the steps of the old post office.
This is Sammy from Sammy’s Thoughts. He is sitting on the steps of the old post office.

My family and I went onto our neighbour’s (Carmen and Edwin) property and we found the old post office and we looked around. Daddy and I even went on top of the foundations. Mommy and I went to the Drumbo and District Historical Society’s museum and found out more about the post office. We saw a picture of the post office, it had brick walls and pillars that were holding up a roof on the front. There were three stairs going up. This wasn’t the original post office because it can’t be seen in a picture that shows the Mill, the Balkwill house, the Carriage works and Megg’s hotel. We do not know when it was built or when it came down. It was great visiting the museum and they like having people come to learn things.


If you have any celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, anything at all please let us know.

Meet a Family

Meet the “Egg man” Charlie Rounds and his wife Bonnie. They have lived here for 57 1/2 years. They have eggs at the farm year round. Charlie’s family has been around here for a long time. He farmed here his whole life. Charlie was born in the house he lives in. His mother even attended the school in town. We couldn’t get a picture of Charlie and Bonnie, but we did see a picture of Charlie when he was a kid in a school picture at the Drumbo and District Heritage Society Museum. He looks just the same! You should go to the museum and check it out!

Local Businesses

(and we mean really local – please contact if you want your ad here – it is free!)

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