March 13, 2015

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Local Hero

Annie Dale is saving people’s lives by donating blood. On March 5th she became a first time donor. Annie said it did not hurt when they stuck the needle in her arm. When asked how it felt to be saving lives Annie said it “feels really good”. She felt a little sick after, maybe that will teach her to not eat lunch before going next time. Annie – you are a life saver!

Annie donating blood

Signs of Spring Contest

Be the first to send us a picture of a sign of spring in Wolverton. Must be taken this spring! All pictures will go online – the first will be in the print edition! Examples: Robin and/or bulbs coming up.


The Stewarts lost their heat at the end of February. It took them a while to get their heat back because it was the weekend. A bunch of people helped them out by giving them space heaters to borrow. It’s great how our town helped them! Anna says she’s thankful for having such great neighbours. “Their kindness literally warmed us and our hearts”.

Not only do the Stewarts have heat again, but because of the warmer weather they have water again too! Great for you Stewarts!

Tapping the Trees

On Sunday, March 8th my dad and I tapped trees. We tapped our maple trees first – five trees, one with two buckets. Then we went up the road to the Aiken’s property and tapped three of their birch trees. Birch syrup is a savoury syrup. Maple syrup is a sweet syrup. We tapped our trees a bit late this year because it’s been too cold.

Maple Syrup tapping

The sap started running about two days after we tapped the trees. To make maple syrup you first need to collect the sap from the buckets. Then you go over to the big pan that you have heated up and you pour the sap into the pan. Here is an interview with my mom about cooking the sap into syrup:

Reporter: How long do you have to cook the syrup?

My mother: You cook the syrup until it is 7°F above the boiling point of water. This will be different depending on where you are, but for our location you cook it to just over 219°F. This takes several hours and how long really depends on how much you have, how hot you are cooking it and how wide your container is.

Reporter: Where do you cook the sap?

My mother: we’ve tried lots of different things but right now we are using a turkey deep fryer to cook it. You have to keep your eye on it so you don’t burn it. The most important thing is not to do most of the cooking inside because there is too much moisture. Once it is almost done I finish it up in the kitchen.

Reporter: How much syrup will 6 full buckets make.

My mother: I can’t answer that questions because I don’t know the volume of the buckets. But the ratio of sap to syrup is 40 to 1. So 6 buckets of sap will give you just less than a 5th of a bucket of syrup.

Sue Hallman has an Extra Cat

A cat came to Sue’s house late last fall. This cat is a girl and Sue thinks it is about 1 year old. It is a tabby that is brown and black. Sue’s cats aren’t getting along with this new cat. She’s had it inside only a couple times and her cats attacked the new girl. Sue is hoping that someone will adopt this little cat. The cat is happy outside and inside. If you are interested call Sue at: 519-463-6034.

Joke of the day

Knock knock

Who’s there


Orange who

Orange you glad I’m here?

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

Clean up toys in the office and the toy room and outside and dining room and living room. Because it’s healthy for animals. Because it gets fresh air out and Animals need fresh air. And you turn the lights out for the polar bears. And that’s all. Come back for more of Sammy’s thoughts.


We are celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If you have a birthday, anniversary, new job, graduation or anything else coming up soon, or if someone you know does, please contact us (contact information at bottom).

Happy Birthday

Lily Stewart turned 4 on March 10th. Happy Birthday Lily!


Jennifer Brown (formerly of Wolverton) had a birthday on March 9th. Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Meet a Family

Meet the Aikens. There are four people in their family.


They’ve lived here for almost 5 years and are from Nova Scotia originally. Steve is the dad and he is a System Designer at ATS. Andrea is the mom and she is a nurse working in Acute Inpatient Services in Woodstock and will be completing her BScN in December. Sam is 10 and he loves soccer. Flynn is almost 8 and he loves toys and celebrations.

Wolverton Wooly

Wolverton Wooly is reading the whimsy and he left me some messages.

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Wolverton Wooly, I want a picture of you. Please put it by my door. Thanks!

Local Businesses

(and we mean really local – please contact if you want your ad here – it is free!)


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