February 27, 2015

That Makes 34!

Wolverton Whimsy – feb 27th – pdf of the print edition of this issue.

Gail Stahlbaum is having a new house built.

The first half of Gail's house going on the foundation.  Can you spot Gail?
The first half of Gail’s house going on the foundation. Can you spot Gail?

It is being built beside her old house where Amber and Ed Stahlbaum live. This is where the burned down house was. I went to Gail’s house, it’s not quite finished yet. Gail says it’s going to be a while. The floor isn’t put in yet. She has a room for her and a spare room. There is a little crawl space – it’s only 2 feet deep. The first half of her house is the living room. She has a nice little bathroom and a kitchen/dining room. There is a small little room for her washing machine and dryer and that’s about it! Here is an interview with Gail:
Reporter: What does it feel like having a new house?
Gail: I really don’t know yet – I won’t know until I get into it. Exciting.
Reporter: When do you think it’s going to be done?
Gail: Hopefully April, I’m supposed to be able to move in April 1st.

Signs of Spring Contest

Be the first to send us a picture of a sign of spring in Wolverton. Must be taken this spring!  All pictures will go online – the first will be in the print edition! Examples: Robin and/or bulbs coming up.

Wolverton Bigfoot

There was a lot of votes for Wolverton Bigfoot’s name, but there was a tie between Wolverton Wooly and Mr. E (because he’s a mystery). So I decided to break the tie. I’m
proud to announce that our Wolverton Bigfoot’s name is:
Wolverton Wooly!


Glenn Edmiston has sent us a few pictures of Wolverton – check them out under Cool Wolverton History. If you have photos of Wolverton you’d like to share from now or history please send them to wolverton_whimsy@yahoo.ca or  http://www.facebook.com/WolvertonWhimsy.
(If you have tidbits to share please tell us about them. We will not print anything about a person without asking permission)

The Stewarts Have No Water

Can you imagine having no water?

Hunter Plumbing is on the job
Hunter Plumbing is on the job

It’s probably going to be a while before the Stewarts have any water. There is no water coming into their whole house. Here is an interview with Anna Stewart:
Intrepid Reporter: What have you been drinking?
Anna: Mostly bottled water and some juice and milk that we had in the fridge already.
Intrepid Reporter: How long has your water not been working?
Anna: Since Family day
Intrepid Reporter: How are you keeping clean?
Anna: We’ve been going to our neighbours and having showers there, the Stones, they were kind enough to let us shower.
Intrepid Reporter: What’s the worst thing about not having water?
Anna: Not being able to flush the toilet.
Intrepid Reporter: What’s the best thing about not having water?
Anna: Making us get out of the house and talk to our neighbours.

Joke of the day

Why did the banana go to the doctor?
Because he wasn’t peeling well.

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

Bulldozers are machines that bulldoze stuff away and also sometimes it can rescue people from a tree because its shovel thing can be way up high in a tree with people in it. And then the people can jump in the big giant shovel. And then he lifts it down. And the people can
run out.

Cool History

Enos Wolverton was the founder of our little village.

He had dreams of founding a big town. He got a town, but not a big one. He built a Mill, it burned down two times. After the second time they were done rebuilding. After that, a lot of people moved out because the Mill was where nearly everyone worked. So that is why Enos Wolverton did not have such a big town. He died after taking sulphuric acid instead of cough medicine by accident. He was 83 when died on November 14, 1893.


We are celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If you have a birthday, anniversary, new job, graduation or anything else coming up soon, or if someone you know does, please contact us (contact information at bottom).

Happy Birthday


Leela Stone turned 2 on February 21st!

Meet a Family

Sorry but we couldn’t find a family  this time. We asked a couple but they weren’t able to and then we ran out of time. Please contact us if you want to be the next family.


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