February 13, 2015

Wolverton Whimsy – feb 13 – pdf copy of this issue- click to view

Big Snowstorm

On groundhog day all the kids got to stay home from school because buses were cancelled because of a big snowstorm. Daryll did a great job plowing the roads, and told us that Wolverton Wally says that spring is coming soon this year. (For a close-up of Daryll – see the breaking news story from last week)

Daryll Plowing
Daryll Plowing

Bald Eagle Sighting

I was surprised to see a bald eagle from my backyard. It was flying towards the west end of the village. I was surprised because the only place I’ve ever seen a bald eagle before this was at the zoo. A couple days later, while we were at the ice-rink, we saw it again. There used to be lots of bald eagles, one nest per mile along the water, then European settlers cut down the trees and they became endangered. Now bald eagles are protected and there are now many more.

The Bazoo

Wolverton used to have it’s own newspaper and it was called: THE BAZOO

Ann Hoard gave us some copies of this newspaper. Thank you Ann! Every two editions we are going to include excerpts from it. Ann Hoard’s mother is the birth announcement below! Wolverton used to have it’s very own store too!

Excerpts from April 1, 1931



Gail S. is having a nice sunny time in Florida while we are cold – lucky!

My parents had a Play in the Snow party. It was fun.

The Aikens have the best toboggan hill in town.

If you are using the ice-rink on the irrigation pond the owner wants to make sure you know you are doing it at your own risk. Signs have been put up to tell you this, there is also a sign saying where not to go. Do not leave any garbage at the pond.

The Wolverton Whimsy now has a facebook page. Please like it and use it to let us know if there is news.

(If you have tidbits to share please tell us about them. We will not print anything about a person without asking permission)

Wolverton Bigfoot

Yes – we are deciding what to call the Wolverton bigfoot! You can help name it too.  We are not restricting votes because everyone in the family will want to vote!  But please only vote once!

Meet a Family

Stones 2

Meet the Stones: Julie, Jackson and Leela. Soon they will have a new addition to the family. They’ve lived in Wolverton for 2 and a half years. They moved here from Thunder Bay. They have two dogs: Maxwell and Aspen. Julie makes bread (Stone Harvest Breads) and is a vet tech. Jackson works with computers at Google.

Joke of the day

Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

Because he was feeling crummy!


We are celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If you have a birthday, anniversary, new job, graduation or anything else coming up soon, or if someone you know does, please contact us (contact information at bottom).

Happy Birthday

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Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old)

T-rex’s face is so big and dinosaur bones turn into rocks. Even one dinosaur’s neck is so big it’s bigger than a T-rex. And fossils, when they are rocks, sometimes they break. And scientists learn about them. And say shapes of fossils are on them. And the footprints are so big, bigger than your foot.

Comic by Sam

(not Sammy)


Classified Ads

(Please contact if you have a classified ad you’d like us to run – it’s free)

Catch and release mouse traps. $5 each for a double trap. Contact Rose Weber at (226)220-5330

Local Businesses

(and we mean really local – please contact if you want your ad here – it is free!)

Stone Harvest BreadsBread made Fresh – right here in Wolverton.  Text/Phone Julie for more details: 519-330-1880

 Nith Valley Flooring adCircle+Logo_clipped_rev_3Natural lotions, Salves, Soap and other personal care products made right here in Wolverton. Check out my website for more info: milkofparadisesoap.com


7 thoughts on “February 13, 2015

  1. Great job!
    My family lived in Wolverton in the big A frame house at the end of Dover St from 1990 to 2001ish. My son now 27 was back to visit this summer. He was out at the front of our old house and the now owner came out to see why my son was there. My son explained that he used to live in the house. The gentleman asked, “are you Stephen”? My son, who is Stephen, was shocked that the man knew his name. The man was extremely friendly to my son. He invited him in, introduced him to his family and gave him a tour. As it turns out there was a note posted in the barn from years ago reminding Stephen of the chores he needed to do. Stephen’s name was on the note. Stephen had two goats named Boots and Zamboni and he was responsible for them.
    Stephen was very grateful that he was so warmly received. He had brought his girlfriend with him to show her some of his history.
    Stephen has three brother all older, Rob, Michael and Ryan. I think Daryl may have been Rob’s scout leader.
    Stephen now lives in Victoria BC. Rob lives in Stratford, Michael Vancouver BC and Ryan lives in Ottawa. I live on Georgian Bay near Lafontaine, On.
    We all have wonderful memories of our time in the Nith River valley.

    I passed along your site to all my boys for them to enjoy. Barbara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Rachel’s mom speaking) that is so neat. I love the note being left behind. I believe that must have been Aaron – he is a very nice guy :). I’m glad Stephen’s visit back was so friendly! – Rebecca


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