First Edition

Meet Me

My name is Rachel. I am 9 years old. I am creating this newspaper that will be all about Wolverton. This means you might be in it too. My little brother Sam is going to be putting in his own article. And some of my friends might be in it. Contact me if you have news and I’ll include it. I am homeschooled so I have time for this. I hope you enjoy it.

(For contact information please see the about page)

Wolverton Whimsy – 1st Issue – pdf copy of print edition

The Footprint

Notice the size of this footprint – it’s as big as my head. This footprint was found at the ice-rink. I can tell this is a footprint because of the three toes. And look at the size! I believe this is a footprint from our very own bigfoot. See the contest below to name our bigfoot.

Big foot footprint


What do you think we should call the wolverton big foot.  If you have an idea put it in the comments below and next edition we’ll have a poll.  Maybe your name will be the best one!

There’s an Ice Rink?

Yes, there is an ice rink. In fact there are two!

Ice rink map
Two ice rinks in Wolverton!

The white arrow points to the ice rink where people who are grown up used to skate when they were kids. Now it is being used for Hockey. The one that the black arrow points to is the ice-rink that kids use today. This rink was made by Ed Stahlbaum.

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Here is an interview with Ed:

Intrepid Reporter: Why did you choose that to be the ice rink?

Ed: Because it was hidden away.

Intrepid Reporter: Why was this area of water made?

Ed: For irrigation, it was to make a pond bigger to irrigate crops.

Intrepid Reporter: How did you make the ice rink?

Ed: Shovelled off the snow.

Thank you for making the ice-rink Ed!

Sammy’s Thoughts

(Straight from the mouth of a 5 year old – be glad they don’t contain the word poop)


I have good times skating. And I got my skates on. And I went and skated on the nice cold ice. And I skated until my knees hurt. And then I skated on ice really fast. And then I went and skated on cold cold cold cold ice. And I wanted to go home because my nose was freezing.

Meet a Family

Family Portrait

We think it would be a good idea for everyone to meet each other, so I’ll start by introducing my family. Next time we’ll do another family. As you know I am part of my family. I have a mom named Rebecca, a dad named Mark, a little sister named Lilly, a little brother named Sam, and a big brother named Tom. My dad works, my mom stays home and homeschools us, she also babysits and has her own business. My big brother doesn’t live with us – he goes to university in Guelph. Contact me if you want to be the next family! Bye

Joke of the day

So there were two sausages on a barbecue and one sausage says “phew – it’s hot in here”, and the other sausage says “AHHHHH! A talking sausage!!!”

Comic by Sam

(note by Secretary – Sam is a good friend of Rachel’s and should not be confused with her little brother Sammy)


Classified Ads

Full collection of Pendelfin rabbits for sale.   If interested contact Rose Weber at (226)220-5330

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Local Businesses

(and we mean really local)

Stone Harvest Breads
Bread made fresh – right here in Wolverton. Text/Phone Julie for more details: 519-330-1880

Nith Valley Flooring ad

Handmade in Wolverton From my hands to yours

22 thoughts on “First Edition

    1. this is what winter fun is suppose to look like. Reminds me of when I grew up in Wolverton tons of fun on the dam and mill race skating!!


  1. I enjoyed your Wolverton News – did you know that there was a Wolverton Bazoo newspaper in the early 1930’s – I have copies of them – if you’re interested in seeing them please contact me. Ann Hoard


  2. I think the bigfoot should be named “Mr. E.” because what he looks like is a mystery! Good job on the paper; you’re a very good writer! Your freind sam did a good job with the comic too. It definitely made me laugh!


  3. Rachel, we loved the first edition of your paper! I’m mailing a copy to Sam and Flynn’s Grams in Nova Scotia so she can keep up with the Wolverton news.

    Sam, Eli, and Flynn had a long discussion on the names for the Wolverton big foot. Flynn is suggesting either ‘The Unknown’, Stanley, or Ricky Souffle. Eli suggests Bob or Ronnie. Sam is at a sleepover and he wants to put his own comment in, so I’ll leave that for him.

    Great Job!!!


  4. Madame Editor,
    Congratulations on this very informative first edition of the Wolverton Whimsy. Not so whimsical at all … It puts Wolverton in the news and on the map. It is good to see a community that takes pride in itself and the local Whimsy is the best place to portray that feeling. Congratulations again and I am looking forward to seeing future editions of this publication.

    Justus Knierim


  5. What a great idea and good for you. I too remember skating on the old dam and mill race growing up in Wolverton. Lots of memories. Lori Wilson (Edmiston)


  6. great wolverton news : I grew up on the farm with the rink, & in summer we fished in the pond. wolvertons big foot could be waldo, “where,s waldo”


  7. Werewolv, I love it! This is a fantastic newspaper, I hope to see more! I also grew up in Wolverton but moved all the way to Edmonton Alberta so don’t get to see it as much anymore, this is a great update! I hope Wally stays warm and happy and that there are many other issues of this paper, I’ll be reading!


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